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MERGE cube


*Note to parents: your child will need your assistance to set up the MERGE Cube. A parentʼs email and the activation code (included inside the box) is required to set up a user account.


Download Any MERGE Cube App

Visit www.Miniverse.io/cube and download any of the free MERGE Cube apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


Choose Phone Mode or VR Mode

Launch a MERGE Cube app and select phone mode, or optional VR mode.


Create a MERGE Account & Activate Your MERGE Cube

To unlock all of the MERGE Cube features, set up a MERGE account by entering the activation code included with your MERGE Cube.

Enter an adultʼs email address to finish creating your MERGE account. A confirmation link will be sent to the account ownerʼs email. Once the email is confirmed, select your user profile to begin.


Play with the MERGE Cube!

Once youʼre set up in phone or VR mode, select “Tutorial” to get an overview of gameplay and enjoy your new MERGE Cube!

Save the box! We’ve designed our packaging to be functional! Once you’ve removed the cube from the packaging, use the included mobile device stand to prop up your smartphone or tablet, and use the cube container as a cube stand.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy a MERGE Cube?

    For now, you can purchase a MERGE Cube at select Walmart locations and at www.walmart.com. The cube will be available for purchase at other retail locations soon!

  • Where is my activation code?

    Your activation code can be found inside the packaging. Itʼs printed on a purple insert just under the MERGE Cube. If you lose your code, please contact us at support@mergevr.com.

  • Do I need to activate my MERGE Cube and create an account before I can use it?

    Nope, you can skip cube activation and account setup if you want to experience the cube right away! However, you will be asked to enter your activation code every time you start a MERGE Cube app if you havenʼt already activated it.

    Youʼll also be asked to create an account. Creating an account is easy - just ask an adult to enter their email address.

  • Do I need an activation code to create an account?

    No, you can create an account without an activation code by visiting www.Miniverse.io and having an adult enter their email address.

  • Which apps will work with my cube?

    To use the MERGE Cube, you will need to download apps that have “MERGE Cube” in the title. Visit www.miniverse.io to find the best MERGE Cube apps that have been carefully curated by our team of playtesters.

  • Should I keep my packaging?

    Yes! Weʼve designed our packaging to be reusable--the packaging inserts double as a Cube Case and a Mobile Device Stand. The Mobile Device Stand will allow you to experience the MERGE Cube without needing to hold your mobile device. *NOTE: not all apps are compatible with this mode.

  • Do I need a AR/VR headset for the cube to work?

    Nope! You can use the MERGE Cube with or without the MERGE AR/VR Headset (or other AR-enabled headsets).

  • What is the difference between VR Mode and Phone Mode?

    Using “VR Mode” allows you to experience MERGE Cube apps while wearing an AR/VR headset. During “Phone Mode,” youʼll hold your smartphone or tablet in front of the cube to experience MERGE Cube apps.